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Choosing Among the Best School Web Hosting Companies in the Internet

The internet has become a powerful tool in communication and it is beyond doubt that it is the most effective form of technology that exists today. One benefit of the internet is helping you build your school web site through the best school web hosting companies online. Creating a school web site is highly essential if done properly but it can be time consuming and requires much effort. But then, its advantages cannot be outweighed as the school community will really benefit from the school web site.

School Web Sites- Purposes and Benefits

You are probably out in the light to look for the best school web hosting company that will help you build your school web site. This is to make sure that you can come up with an amazing web site that really works. Ideally, a school web site must contain all the relevant information about the school as well as the mission and goals. The web site will also provide updates and links the school among other schools and the entire community and the rest of the world. In addition to these, here are more advantages of building your school web site:

  • School web sites serve as a place where the school can create contacts and business opportunities.
  • It gives relevant information that makes parents feel more aware and involved with the school functions.
  • School web sites are a great place where teachers, parents and students can share their views, ideas and feedbacks

How Do You Start?

Now that you are aware how important school web sites are, the next thing to do is to start with your own web site. Since it is really difficult to start a web site from scratch, you can benefit from a free hosting company that hosts school web sites and others. However, before you utilize these free web site builders you have to prepare the following:

  • School history information, background and contact details
  • Day to day and upcoming activities
  • Blogs and forums to promote more interaction
  • Education resources i.e. journals, educational materials and lesson plans
  • Photos of classrooms, school facilities, activities as well as certain write-ups

Using WordPress for School Web Sites

If you feel that you cannot start a school web site from scratch then it will be most helpful to make use of WordPress (learn more). It is free open source software that hosts school web sites, allowing you to create amazing blogs and web sites in just a few easy steps. Basically, you will be guided with the entire process so you will never have a very hard time creating your school web site. You just have to install WordPress and start creating your domain name through web sites like Go Daddy and then start adding on your contents. Essentially, WordPress is designed for making blogs and web software but since it is an open source platform a lot of programmers have taken advantage of this to transform it into the most comprehensive content management system that is available online. Now, how does WordPress help you hosts school web sites? Here are some reasons:

  • WordPress Does Not Require CSS or HTML

You can come up with your school web site without knowing about CSS and HTML formatting. WordPress provides WYSIWYG (What You See IS What You Get) editor for your web site so you do not need to be expert in creating web sites or have deep technical knowledge about computers to come up with a competent web site.

  • Choose From Many Themes

WordPress is among the best school web hosting as it offers countless themes that will truly suit your particular needs. So, if you are up to making a school web site you can choose from a lot of scholarly themes from the theme directory.

  • Plug-ins and Updates

If you want to add certain functionality to your web site then you can take advantage of plug-ins that optimizes your web site. Plus, updating is easy and can be accomplished in juts a single click.

  • SEO Friendly

With WordPress, you do not need to employ tons of SEO strategies because it is dynamic and can perform instant updates making your content fresh and SEO-friendly, making it the best web host that can hosts school web sites.

What about Domain Names?

Basically, WordPress will guide you to through the step by step process including acquiring your domain name for your school web site. This is one of the essential steps and you can do this by registering the domain name of your site with GoDaddy which is a very reliable domain name provider. WordPress will assist you in the entire course making it the best school web hosting company.

This can be accomplished by typing in your suggested domain name in the large box which will verify if your desired domain is taken or available. Essentially, you have to register domain names that include the name of the school or your institution and not your name. Once your domain name is available then you can go ahead and register your domain name with the GoDaddy registrar.

HostGator and Green Geeks

Apart from WordPress, you can also make use of HostGator and Green Geeks that can help you hosts school web sites. HostGator is another web hosting provider that can offer you very affordable and even free web hosting services without compromising your school web site. HostGator is very in demand for the following reasons:

  • Highly reliable, excellent service and less down time
  • Lots of dedicated servers available
  • Security features and exemplary customer service

Another reliable and free web hosting provider that hosts school web sites is Green Geeks (learn more now). It has been in the top lists of web hosting companies for more than 40 years so there is no doubt about its reputation. Moreover, it has an excellent support staff that are truly experienced to attend to your specific needs. Most importantly, as the name implies, it is the greenest web hosting company that is available in the internet these days. So, hosting your school web site with Green Greeks can truly create a big impact to the environment.

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Choose the Best School Web Hosting Companies for School Website

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